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We are focused on revolutionizing the way training is created, delivered, and used. We’re dedicated to fusing meaningful words with stunning images to create the best training money can buy. Our goal is to become a positive force of change in an industry stigmatized by low quality, out of date, boring, and ineffective training. We’re constantly working to accelerate this evolution with cutting-edge, engaging visuals and advanced training tools that help our customers save lives, time, and money.

Featured Products

First Aid - Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Train your employees when and how to use an AED, including an automatic AED and a semi-automatic AED.
Training time: 32 Minutes


Lockout Tagout

This 2 DVD set covers Lockout Tagout for both affected employees and authorized employees.
Training Time: 46 Minutes


MSHA - New Miner Combo-Pack

This 51 DVD set provides a comprehensive set of new miner couurses for new mine operators and mining contractors.


Walking-Working Surfaces Combo-Pack

This 7 DVD set will train your employees about walking-working surfaces.
Training Time: 4.2 Hours

Forklift Safety

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178
Training Time: 50 Minutes


Overhead Crane Operational Safety

Train your employees the dangers associated with working with an overhead crane and safety procedures to avoid those dangers.
Training Time: 16 Minutes


Overhead Crane Basics

Train your employees the basic components and functions of floor-operated overhead cranes.
Training Time: 20 Minutes


Crane and Hoist Rigging Safety

Setting up safey and scure rigging for a crane lift is of the utmost importance. This course gives an overview of the primary rigging issues that affect crane and hoist safety.
Training Time: 32 Minutes