Cranes and Rigging

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Crane and Hoist Rigging Safety

Setting up safey and scure rigging for a crane lift is of the utmost importance. This course gives an overview of the primary rigging issues that affect crane and hoist safety.
Training Time: 32 Minutes


Crane Hand Signals

Train your employees the standard hand signals used for most crane operations.
Training Time: 20 Minutes

Cranes and Wire Ropes Combo-Pack

Use this 5 DVD set to train your team about how to work safely with Cranes and Hoist Rigging, Overhead Cranes, and Wire Ropes.
Training Time: 1.9 Hours


Cranes Combo-Pack

This 3 DVD combo-pack prepares your employees for working around cranes.
Training Time: 68 Minutes


Overhead Crane Basics

Train your employees the basic components and functions of floor-operated overhead cranes.
Training Time: 20 Minutes


Overhead Crane Operational Safety

Train your employees the dangers associated with working with an overhead crane and safety procedures to avoid those dangers.
Training Time: 16 Minutes