Equipment Safety

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Forklift Safety

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178
Training Time: 50 Minutes


Forklifts - Reducing Product Damage

Train your employees how to safely use forklifts to reduce the risk of product damage.
Training Time: 24 Minutes


Hand and Power Tools

Train your employees how to work safely with hand and power tools using common and industry safety practices.
Training Time: 23 Minutes


Heavy Equipment Safety Introduction

Train your employees the basics for remaining safe around heavy equipment as well as some specific concepts and guidelines to follow when working with and around heavy construction equipment.
Training Time: 64 Minutes


Hydraulic Fluid Safety

Train your employees to understand how to recognize common hydraulic hazards and avoid serious injuries.
Training Time: 27 Minutes


Laser Safety

Train your employees safe work practices around LASERs including types of lasers, classifications, hazards and safety guidelines.
Training Time: 24 Minutes