Equipment Safety

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Machine Guarding

Train your employees on the purpose of machine guarding and best practices when working with machine guarding to prevent injury.
Training Time: 23 Minutes


Mechanical Power Press Safety

Train your employees how to work safely with a mechanical power press.
Training Time: 42 Minutes

Metal on Metal Safety

Train your employees about the hidden dangers of striking two hardened metal surfaces together, how to minimize the danger and protect themselves from injury.
Training Time: 15 Minutes


Pallet Jack Safety

Train your employees the principles of operation and instructions for safe use of a manual type pallet jack.
Training Time: 21 Minutes

Pedestrian Safety

Train your employees about safe practices when walking in an active work zone around mobile equipment.
Training Time: 12 Minutes


Pneumatic Tool Safety

Train your employees about the hazards associated with pneumatic tools and how to deal with them.
Training Time: 15 Minutes