First Aid

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First Aid - Broken Bones and Dislocations

Train your employees on some different types of broken bones and dislocations and how to provide first aid for them.
16 Minutes


First Aid - Burns

Train your employees how to prevent burns from occuring, how to recognized the degree of a burn, and how to provide first aid for different degrees and special types of burns.
Training Time: 28 Minutes


First Aid - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Train your employees when and how to perform CPR.
Time Training: 23 Minutes


First Aid - Critical Emergencies Combo-Pack

An 8 DVD set covering first aid for different critical situations that could be encountered at the workplace.
Training Time: 3.3 Hours


First Aid - Dehydration

Train your employees how to prevent dehydration, the causes of dehydration, the symptoms, and first aid techniques for dehydration.
Training Time: 18 Minutes


First Aid - Diabetic Emergencies

Give your employees a basic idea of what diabetes is, how to recognized symptoms of a diabetes-related health crisis, some tips for providing first aid in these situations.
Training Time: 28 Minutes