First Aid

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First Aid - Initial Steps

Provide your employees with guidelines for what to do in an emergency first aid situation, and the order in which to do them.
Training Time: 32 Minutes


First Aid - Injuries Combo-Pack

A 6 DVD set covering first aid for common workplace injuries.
Training Time: 3.7 Hours


First Aid - Poisoning

Train your employees on common poisons, how to prevent poisoning, common symptoms, first aid, and when to call for emergency medical care.
Training Time: 20 Minutes


First Aid - Scorpion Stings

Train your employees where scorpions live, what they look like, tops for preventing scorpion bites, symptoms of a bite, and how to provide first aid.
Training Time: 13 Minutes


First Aid - Seizures

Train your employees the symptoms and causes of seizures as well as first aid to provide a person experiencing a seizure.
Training Time: 18 Minutes


First Aid - Shock

Train your employees some reasons people go into shock, some symptoms, and first aid to provide.
Training: 10 Minutes