General Safety

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Behavior-Based Safety

Train your employees about improving workplace safety by focusing on what workers do and why they do it.
Training Time: 32 Minutes

Commercial Explosives Safety

Learn about types of explosive materials and their hazard classifications. Learn common explosion hazards as well as best practices for handing, storage, blasting, and disposal of explosives.
Training Time: 26 Minutes


Confined Space Entry - Permit Required

This course defines the two types of confined spaces and the hazards and dangers to employees. It also describes the dangers and safety practices and requirements for working in a permit-required confined space.
Training Time: 40 Minutes


EHS Plus Combo-Pack

A 56 DVD set providing a comprehensive library of safety training.
Training Time: 25.4 Hours


Hand Safety

Train your employees on general hand safety and common techniques for avoiding common hand injuries.
Training Time: 18 Minutes


Healthy & Safety (EHS) Combo-Pack

A 28 DVD set covering a range of safety topics.
Training Time: 12.5 Hours