HR Compliance & Soft Skills

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Adult Learning

Understand how adults learn and tools to aid employee learning.
Training Time: 20 minutes


Conflict Management

Conflicts are inevitable, learning to resolve conflict is important to a productive and satisfying work environment.
Training Time: 23 Minutes


Disabilities in the Workplace

Based on ADA of 1990 this course describes the benefits of hiring workers with disabillities, different types of disabilities, reasonable accommodations, interviewing and etiguette, as well as how to prevent and deal with discrimination.
Training Time: 31 Minutes


Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination amongst employees can contribute to a hostile work environement. This course raises awareness on this very important topic.
Training Time: 24 Minutes


Diversity in the Workplace

Train your employees on diversity, the definition, benefits, and how to be proactive and positive to promote the difference between workers.
Training Time: 21 Minutes


Email Basics

Email has become one of the most common way for people to communicate. Understand the important rules to ensure clear, polite, and effective messages.
Training Time: 28 Minutes