Mining Safety

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First Aid - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Train your employees when and how to perform CPR.
Time Training: 23 Minutes


First Aid - Initial Steps

Provide your employees with guidelines for what to do in an emergency first aid situation, and the order in which to do them.
Training Time: 32 Minutes


General Physical Characteristics of Surface Mines

Train your employees on the common physical characteristics of sufrace mines
Training Time: 15 Minutes


Hazard Communication for Mining

Train your employees on MSHA's HazCom standard for chemical labeling and documentation requirements designed to reduce injuries and illnesses in the workplace.
Training Time: 28 Minutes


Line of Authority

Train your employees the line of authority at a mine and the roles and responsibilities associated with each.
Training Time: 15 Minutes


MSHA - Annual Refresher Combo-Pack

This 19 DVD set is designed to provide annual refresher training for mine operators and mining contractors.