Mining Safety

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Site Rules and Hazard Reporting

Train your employees the site rules and hazard reporting procedures common to most mine sites including requirements and proceudres for reporting to MSHA.
Training Time: 10 Minutes


Surface Mine Development, Operations, and Reclamation

Train your employees about common mining methods and the lifecycle of a mine.
Training Time: 28 Minutes


Typical Surface Mining Equipment

Train your employees about the equipment, buildings and structures typically found at a surface mine.
Training Time: 36 Minutes


Working Around Mining Equipment

Training your employees about pre-operationsl equipment checks, seat belts, equipment blind spots, and communication when working with mining equipment.
Training Time: 39 Minutes


Working with Electricity at a Mine

Train your employees about the elements of an effective electrical safety program and procedures for working with different power sources at a mine.
Training Time: 26 Minutes