Rights and Reporting

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Line of Authority

Train your employees the line of authority at a mine and the roles and responsibilities associated with each.
Training Time: 15 Minutes


MSHA - Annual Refresher Combo-Pack

This 19 DVD set is designed to provide annual refresher training for mine operators and mining contractors.


MSHA - New Miner Extended Combo-Pack

This 51 DVD set provides a comprehensive set of new miner couurses for new mine operators and mining contractors.


Rights and Legal Responsibilities of Miners

Train your miners what their rights and legal responsibilities including protection from discrimination and how to participate in and obtain inspections.
Training Time: 21 Minutes


Site Rules and Hazard Reporting

Train your employees the site rules and hazard reporting procedures common to most mine sites including requirements and proceudres for reporting to MSHA.
Training Time: 10 Minutes