Table Saw Operations

SKU: C-360B

Train your employees the how a table saw operates, location and function of the major components, in order to use properly and effectively in order to avoid serious injury.
Training Time: 20 Minutes


Table saws are essential tools used to accurately cut lumber and sheet materials like plywood and particleboard. This course discusses the location and function of the major components of a typical table saw, safety guidelines to follow while working on and around a table saw, and types of common table saw cuts and techniques. Understanding how the table saw operates will allow you to use it properly and effectively and help you and your coworkers avoid serious injuries.

Topics Covered:

  • Table saw components
  • General table saw safety guidelines
  • Cut Types
  • Best safety practices while performing cuts

20 Minutes (12 min. video + 8 min. test)

PLEASE NOTE: All DVDs include a link printed on the inside cover for customers to download printable tests and other documents.

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